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8 Bicycle Maintenance and Repair Resources

4 Awesome PDF’s


Bike Repair & Maintenance for Dummies. I can’t believe that this is available for free. The entire 340 page book is available here.

evans cycles

We love the detailed pictures and really great layout on this guide. There is also an area to add your own notes. Useful


The Right to Move has created a great monthly checklist. They do a quality job of going through the bike from front to back. – Be mindful that this company is out of England and the buy links are European.


Over 600 pages – Probably more than you will need for normal maintenance but a great resource for that middle of the night problem that arises.

4 Great Resources for working on your bike

madegood logo

Thorough instructions with great videos that break it down for you. I found that the videos were very helpful for situations when the pictures didn’t quite show what I needed to see.

rei logo

Solid instruction along with great video’s. Covers the basics for all the different disciplines.

pinterest logo

So, I never thought that I would be suggesting a social media site as a source of great information on repairing and maintaining your bike but I have continually found great information on Pinterest. This page has a ton of invaluable info in an easy to use format.

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Of course you can find everything you need on YouTube but the Expertvillage really does a great job of breaking it down for us and gets really deep in to the Mountain Biking arena.

2 Honorable mentions suggested by Richard on Google+

sheldon brown

Sheldon Brown was a noted American bicycle mechanic, technical expert and author. He contributed to print and online sources related to bicycling and bicycle mechanics, and The Times of London described his knowledge of bicycles as “encyclopedic”. One of the best resources available.


parktools logo

I know I added this to my last list of amazing sites. I would have to think that there is a reason that this page keeps popping up. They are thorough and easy to follow in their instruction. Another must have in your toolbar.


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