Logans Run Jersey

Cognito Cycling Apparel – Logans Run Black Jersey Review

Lightweight summer jersey from Cognito Cycling Apparel – $74.99

Monterey Mountain Bike Score

The Cognito Race Day Jersey I wore as a result of our partnership for the Sea Otter Classic was fantastic! I will tell you though it was difficult for me to even try on such a garment in the first place as I am your more traditional baggy gear MTB kind of guy. Partially due to the anti-spandex movement and partially due to my spare tire! At any rate I dawned the damn thing for the Sea Otter and I’ll be damned if I didn’t look and feel faster than ever! No joke, I’ve got the pics and PR’s on Strava to prove it. Check it out…The jersey was surprisingly comfortable and stayed cool through out the entire 24 miles of treacherous climbing. The quick zip down front allowed for quick thermostat control. The black and red color scheme looked like it was custom made for my Specialized Carve.

  • Grand Fondo
  • Pre-Grand Fondo
  • The start of the race
  • Post-Grand Fondo

Logans Run Jersey

Logan’s Run Black – $74.99



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