Fort Ord National Monument Area

The first thing I would suggest to anyone visiting Monterey County and looking for a place to ride would be to head out to Fort Ord National Monument. This is an old decommissioned military base that is now a Mountain Bikers paradise. Take a look at Fort Ord trail map provided by the Bureau of Land Management. There are a number of great trails out here for riders of all skill levels. Here are a few that we like:



Inter-Garrison Rd to Kyle’s Bench loop

This is a relatively easy ride. about 8.5 miles long. you will find very limited assents and descents. overall a great ride to take the family on or just to enjoy after a long night out on the town. You can’t beat this opportunity to ride through Manzanita and Coast Live Oaks to a great mountain top.Starting point : 36.655475,-121.757784 .






Couch Canyon

This trail would be rated as intermediate. A nice little single-track that will get your blood racing and a steep climb out of the Valley make for a great 5 mile trail. Watch out for the poison oak. Starting point: 36.579592,-121.751347





Pipeline loop

This one is not for the faint of heart. We are talking about a 9 mile ride that starts out with a massive ascent up to Ollason Peak at 1800 ft. You then drop down the back of the peak and work your way down to one of the most challenging narrow single-track rides along the side of a canyon. This one will not only get your heart racing but it will challenge your focus in a very special way. Make sure you bring a buddy on this ride. starting point: 36.605985,-121.69193


Fort Ord National Monument Area
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