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MMB 005: Edmonton, Canada Mountain Bikers and the Trails they Love


It is kind of funny how things evolve sometimes in the Mountain Biking world. I was searching through Twitter the other day and looking at different Mountain Biker’s Twitter and Facebook pages and came across the Prairie Girls Racing Twitter page at PGR Twitter page. The PGR is an Alberta-based cross-country, enduro and downhill mountain biking race team that supports and promotes women in competitive mountain sport. Their Twitter page was really interesting and I had just finished talking to David over at Dirty Sixer Bikes, in episode 3 of our podcast, about how amazing the riding is up in Canada so I was intrigued. I was in the process of scouting out a new person or group to interview for the Monterey Mountain Bike Podcast and I immediately knew that this group was an amazing find . I started digging a bit more on PGR’s Facebook page and website and was really blown away by how organized and classy the group was. They put out an extremely well written monthly newsletter that can be found at PGR newsletter.  They also host cycling classes and youth events and find time on top of all of this to have personal gatherings among the team.

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with Deanne Coish Co-Managing Director/ Co-founder, and Nicole Barby XC Director with the PGR and discuss the organization and the trails and parks that they love to ride. One thing that I observed from the first second that I stepped in to the PGR’s world was the sure footed confidence that they project in everything that they do. I congratulate this team for setting the bar so high for other teams to emulate in the future.

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