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MMB 006: Ripon, England Mountain Bikers and the Trails they Love


MMB 006: Ripon, England Mountain Bikers and the Trails they Love

Planning a trip to England, You’ll want to hear this

Today Monterey Mountain bike had the privilege of sitting down with Robert Thorpe, the Founder and Managing editor of and talk to him about the trails and areas that he is riding in Northern England. We were really excited to talk to Robert about PedalNorth provides in-depth resources on Mountain Bike Trails, Road Routes and Coast to Coast adventures for the local  and the visitor alike.

I would like to thank Robert for how kind he was over the course of recording this podcast. We had technical difficulties the first night of recording and had to completely repeat the podcast at 7am on Easter.


List of Links to information from the show:

Here is detailed info to reach Robert Thorpe if you would like to Submit a route:
skype name:
twitter: @pedalnorth


descending Tarn Howes rounded


Rob at Claife Heights






If you liked hearing from Robert Thorpe from and the trails and parks that they love to ride in Ripon, North Yorkshire, England and want to be part of the conversation, leave me a note in the comment section below!

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