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Last Night on MMB 012: Whistler, B.C.’s Steve Storey, I was fortunate enough to have Whistler Local and Knolly Bikes Team Rider Steve Storey on our show: a Mountain Biker, Surfer, Photographer, Skier and Trail Builder. Steve sat down with us and talked about how he got started riding and then racing. We talked about his insane adventures all over the world and his true love for building environmentally sound and sustainable trails in BC.

Steve Sent us over some great info on his past riding experiences throughout the world and current projects that he is working on. He also included a number of great pictures taken by Professional Photographer Justa Jeskova who just happens to be his girlfriend. Find her Astounding work here >


Information that Steve Sent over to us.

El Salvador


This is a trail in Ecoparque El Espino in El Salvador. The locals have built a small bike park which can rival some riding areas in BC. Can’t remember the exact name of it and don’t have my notes from that trip anymore ( house burnt down in a house fire in November unfortunately!).  Amazing place to ride.  They hold races here and they have an amazing bike community.  Ecoparque is situated in the Santa Tecla neighbourhood of San Salvador.  No exact address but the wonderful people at Probikes El Salvador are more than happy to help and they speak a bit of English if required.

I also have a link to a top to bottom POV I did while practicing for a DH race I did there.  You can view it here


You can view more pictures and an edit we did about our time there here





Guatemala was also a mind blowing place to ride.  Picture on the left is from El Zur.  It’s a private community that has just been started up where they are building bike trails.  The one on the left was about 25 km long mostly descent from the top.  We did an enduro race down there which was a physical beat down in the heat and humidity.  Since we were there they’ve been building some extra stuff including a jump trail built by Gravity Logic.


The one on the right is from Rabinal.  A bit of an undiscovered gem in the middle of Guatemala.  No tourist or amenities anywhere, true Guatemala.  Big 3 hour descents, rocky ridges, good times all around!  Not the most exciting place to stay though haha


Again exact addresses are difficult but the people at Cycling can help you.  Same with the people at Probikes


Full video, words, and more photos here




Steve Storey and Denis Courchesne, Naranjal, Honduras.


Honduras is another undiscovered gem.  They have a world class DH track there that not many people have heard about.  We were lucky enough to get a personal tour from the builder.  I wrote a full feature for Freehub Magazine which can be checked out here for more info


For a full video, more pictures, and words you check here


This picture was taken on Naranjal.  A long descent in the Valle De Angeles area.  You can park anywhere in town to access it.  The world class DH trail called Los Elotes is a shuttle drive away but ends in Valle De Angeles also.  It’s a pretty small town, parking anywhere in town works.


Best bet for better directions is to hit up Mario Mossi at Hondubikes He speaks impeccable english if needed.  Awesome guy, super friendly and he runs a rad shop.


Roca Verde and Salsa Verde (my hand built trails)


Salsa Verde Trail

This one is from Salsa Verde

Roca Verde Trail


This one is from Roca Verde

These trails came about after breaking my hand while on a filming and photo trip to El Salvador the first time (been there 3 times now).  Basically got stir crazy and started building a trail which ended up becoming an obsession.  Unfortunately I can’t share exact details on parking or access.  There are so many riders in Whistler that when a new trail gets built we let it get discovered organically that way it beds in a bit better and doesn’t get beat to death right away. We still acknowledge the trail exists so people know its there but makes you have to work for it a little too.  Once it gets ridden in and enough people discover it, it will get added to maps.  It’s kind of the Whistler etiquette when it comes to volunteer built trails.  I do look forward to people discovering and riding it! I can go into more detail on that in the podcast


Full video, words, and more photos here


I also have a POV of part of Roca Verde that made it to the final 4 of the Go Pro Line of The World contest.  You can view it here



Steve Storey, Whistler, BC.

This is one of many favourites of mine in Whistler, outside of the bike park anyways.  It’s called Howler.  You can park at Alpine Cafe 8104 Mckeevers Pl, Whistler, BC V0N 1B8.  It’s a technical trail about 2.5 km long and 700 m vertical.  Fast, rocky, loose, and demanding.  It’s a good time!  But can be super frustrating too.  Trail map here




This riding area was amazing.  Leaves up to your waist and some of the most beautiful trees I’ve ever seen.  It was near the town of Martin.  I don’t think people ever really rode here so I consider myself very lucky for the opportunity.

Justa Jeskova


This is a photo I took of Justa, my girlfriend, of my favourite spot in all of Slovakia.  The mountain was called Martinske Hole.  It was an alpine ridge that ran for about 5-7 km and descended around 1000m.  Incredible views and outstanding riding.  Saw castles on the way out.  Also saw WWII trenches and equipment on the ridge in the alpine.  Access is by driving up to the ski area Martinske Hole.  When you get to the bottom grab a beer at the train station and catch the train back to the city of Martin.  Figure out how to get your car at the top after that haha!




India was one of the toughest trips I’ve ever done to date, physically and mentally.  Very rewarding but it was a trip on a whole other level.  Rode the ‘mountain bike capital’ of India, Manali.  Laid first tracks and built lines all over the Spiti Valley.  Then to top it off, we rode the root bridges of Nongriat in Meghalaya.  Pretty amazing place.  We just premiered the film India: An Uncertain Road at the Vancouver Internation Mountain Film Festival.  We also did a talk and slideshow about the trip

We will be releasing photos, articles, and the full length video later this year.  Just working on the details at the moment.

So that should cover fav trails in whistler, my trails, and some of the adventures I’ve done.

Upcoming Plans

More trail building including connecting Roca and Salsa.  Finding new lines to start hopefully.

Compete in some events at Crankworx.  Deep Summer, Races.

Plan on traveling to Europe and South America on film and photo trips.

Hopefully (2) local edits around Whistler by the end of the year.

How I got into Riding

I grew up next to a small forest called the Watershed in North Delta. Map here

Parking can be found at Pinewood Elementrary School or Kitson Parkway near Westview Drive.  You don’t even need a map really, just an amazing place to spend some time exploring.  Went in there everyday as a kid.  Grew to love mountain biking in there.  Since then lots of built features  such as berms and jumps have been put in making it an even better place.  In high school I saw a flyer on the wall advertising an XC race and thought it would be fun to enter.  From there, it just grew into what it is today.

Ride I’ll never forget

Top of the world to Khybers to Kashmir to Kush.  Back up the lift and Ride Don’t Slide to BC’s to beers on a patio.  EPIC ride last summer and totally unplanned.  Maps and details can be found online.  All those trails are accessed from the bike park but really are  a backcountry adventure.


Adventures I’ll never forget

Drive from Rabinal to Antigua was a funny one.  Lightning, rain, guys screaming like girls haha

Bike wise, I’d say La Piedra Del Tigre in Guatemala was a fun one.  Same with El Zur.  Racing in El Salvador is a huge highlight too

Favorite thing about mountain biking

Everything.  The community, the reward of building your own line, racing, and of course most importantly, epic adventures with your friends!


My fan page

Photos (unless my watermark is on it) by Justa Jeskova

About myself

I’m a mountain biker, skier, surfer, traveler, trail builder, writer, and photographer.  I’m sponsored by Knolly bikes, Fox suspension, Chromag, Royal Racing, Maxxis, and Ride 100%

I’ve been living in Whistler for 14 years but lived my whole life before that just outside of Vancouver, BC.


The Whistler Off Road Cycling Association was founded in 1989 to lobby against the pending closure of bike trails in Garibaldi Provincial Park. As a result of these early efforts the Cheakamus Lake and Elfin Lake trails remained open to cyclists.

WORCA has evolved over the years to become an integral part of Whistler. Today it has an eleven-member board of directors that represents and serves a community of more than 1,500 members.

By working with government, landowners and developers, WORCA continues to ensure mountain bike trail access while providing a wide range of other services to the mountain bike community.



If you liked hearing from Steve Storey about the outstanding trails he’s ridden around the world and the trails that he is sculpting out of the raw earth in Canada and you would like to be part of the conversation, leave me a note in the comment section below!

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Thank you for joining us for MMB 012: Whistler, B.C.’s Steve Storey


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