Prewitt Ridge Downhill Trail


Chris M Morris   Big Sur

The Prewitt Ridge Downhill Trail is an extreme decent down a ridge directly headed towards the Pacific Ocean. The forest and endless trail systems are astounding in this area. The trail gets really technical and steep towards the middle. I would stick to the fire roads in this area if you are a beginner. I would suggest visiting after we get a little rain as it gets extremely dry and slick when it hasn’t rained for a while.

  1. To complete the loop (see map below) Park across from the Kirk creek campground at Goleta, CA,
    990526, -121.495083. Gear up and start your ride south along the 1 a block turning east on Nacimiento-Fergusson road.

You definitely will want to bring plenty of water or a filtration system if you plan on making this trek. We are talking about a 3000 Ft. assent in a little less than 4 mile. The odds are you will be carrying the bike during this loop. For those with the stamina and the fortitude to make this trek, the experience is one of a kind. Make sure that you have proper survival items if you plan on hitting some back country exploring (maps, matches, compass, water, etc…).

  1. For those that Plan on only riding the downhill section, place a car on the 1 and take a second truck up to the jump off, the coordinates are 35.971074, -121.452978.

Remember to wear layers as a warm day can become frigid in minutes here. Be safe.




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Big Sur photo by: Chris M Morris   some rights reserved
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