The Old Coast Road

Bixby bridge from The Old Coast Road

Bixby bridge from The Old Coast Road

Prior to the erection of the Bixby Bridge in 1932, the old coast road was the primary way of travelling from the Monterey area to Big Sur. Once the bridge was working it reduced the traffic on the Old Road to a minimum. You will see very few cars on this dirt road. This is a challenging 18 mile loop with about 1900 feet of elevation gain. We would suggest that you park in the Andrew Molera area and take the road up to the Bixby Bridge and complete the loop with a ride down the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway.
Prepare yourself for some serious switchbacks on the fire road as you climb to the top of the ridge. Once you are at the top of the ridge you will drop down through an amazing valley filled with lush forest and Ferns.
Be sure to bring a camera and lots of water on this ride as it can get a little remote out on this fire road. I wouldn’t suggest entering anyone’s property out here also as the locals are quite serious about their personal space.

Location of Starting Point:

Follow the 1 south for 25 miles from Monterey and you will find the Andrew Molera State Park.We like to park on the east side of the road in a small dirt lot across from the road that leads into the Andrew Molera State Park.

Use these coördinates to find the parking spot and begging in of the road.

Andrew Molera State Park
Big Sur, CA 93920
36.288565, -121.844383

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The Old Coast Road
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