Podcast 010: Is Cuba the NEW WORLD of Cycle Travel?


Is Cuba the NEW WORLD of Cycle Travel?

Today we have something really special for our audience. We are extremely excited to welcome Raul Del Rio and Carlo Bonfonte with Cuban Bike Travel.
These guys are leading groups of cycling adventurers on bucket list trips to an Island that up till now has alluded the common traveler. An Island that Ernest Hemingway once called home and still to this day provides adventurers the chance to Cycle through 500 year old and visit mind blowing castles.
We were so excited to have them on our show and allow them to demystify Cuba for us. Carlo will explain how Cuba is one of the safest Countries he’s ever traveled through. A place where people will welcome you in to their house and will make you food if you’re hungry. A land of endless beauty that has eluded the normal fatigue you could expect from a travel destination that has been easier to access in the past.



Welcome to Havana! Our drivers will meet you at the airport exit where you will be transported to your hotel. They will be holding a large sign with our logo. After hotel check-in, we will gather for dnner at 7 PM, where we will have a chance to welcome you and meet the other guests, as provide an overview of the week ahead. Finally, we will visit ‘El Morro’ historic park where Che Guevara’s office was located and experience the traditional Gunshot ceremony.


Those riders favoring the long option will disembark and begin an absolutely awesome ride to Cienfuegos. Those riders favoring the shorter option will disembark several kilometers ahead. We will arrive at the famous Cienega de Zapata Crocodile Hatchery for lunch at Restaurant La Boca.


Villa Guajimico

This stage of our trip is staggeringly beautiful, and features enormous valleys, rivers and the Sierra Escambray mountain range that draws ever closer to the coast as we near Trinidad. Our lunch stop along the way is in Villa Guajimico, a jungle-like setting complete with a small bay to swim and refresh ourselves for the rest of the way! Upon arrival at our hotel in Trinidad, we have the rest of the afternoon to settle in at the beach and prepare for a fun-filled dinner and musical extravaganza.


Topes de Collantes

For those interested in cycling that morning, we offer you Topes de Collantes. Located approximately 19km from our hotel, Topes is a serious and challenging 10km climb with an average of 15-20 percent grades. It is truly relentless and, speaking from experience, rivals anything that Europe has to offer. If you love climbing like we do–and wish to challenge yourself–this is a must experience for you.

Santi Spiritus

After our day’s rest, we depart this morning to Santi Spiritus, a colonial city founded by the Spaniards 500 years ago. Today’s stage features a lot of rolling hills and descents, and is breathtakingly beautiful the entire way. We will have the opportunity to see Santi Spiritus while we ride followed by exiting towards Santa Clara to have lunch at the famous Rancho La Aguada for some authentic Cuban cuisine.



Varadero is one of Latin America’s most popular beach paradise! Once in Varadero, the rest of the day is free for you to enjoy! Varadero offers plenty of attractions and adventure activities.

What kind of bikes does Cuba Bike Travel use? The Fuji Gran Fondo 2.5

Cuba Bike Travel

We include everything you need to make your Cuba cycling vacation the experience of a lifetime, from our expert guides, our selection of road bikes, our selection of hotel and restaurants, and city tours to the essential Cuban historical and cultural points of interest. Our site is Cubabiketravel.com



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