American Classic 420 Aero Disc Wheelset – 2016 — Shimano


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American Classic 420 Aero Disc Wheelset – 2016 — Shimano. Need to get aero on a budget? We’ve got just the wheel for you. The American Classic 420 Aero Disc is a great option for road riders, triathletes and cyclocross, by giving you plenty of aerodynamic advantage with its 34mm deep rim and unique lacing pattern. For an alloy rim 34mm is pretty much the perfect depth for going fast–it’s deep enough to cut through the wind and help you save plenty of watts over a long course, but not so deep as to weigh you down when climbing or on a less-than-flat course. And for ‘cross, the deeper section rim is perfect because it helps shed mud that can clomp on to a shallower, box section rim. The unique American Classic spoke lacing pattern keeps things lightweight and plenty durable, so you don’t have to worry about the wheel going out of true any time soon. Plus, this wheelset now delivers the power of disc brakes, so you get powerful, dependable and easily modulated stopping performance in any weather or terrain.