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Breezer Liberty 6R Women’s Comfort Bike – 2016

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Breezer Liberty 6R Women’s Comfort Bike – 2016. Blending a full range of gears and a rigid fork with wider tires, a comfortable seat and ergonomic grips, it’s hard to tell if the Breezer Liberty 6R is built for performance or comfort. The hydroformed aluminum frame and steel fork would suggest that this lightweight bicycle was meant for cruising down bike lanes and outwitting traffic on your way to the office. The full range of gears on the other hand would indicate that this is a bicycle ready for any trail at any speed. Strengthening this double life are the Vera City Wide tires which are wide enough to provide a smooth comfortable ride while excelling at cruising over pavement or light trails. The Shimano Altud derailleurs and matching shifters would be at home on either a performance machine or one built for comfort. Rack and fender mounts and an included kickstand set the bike up for easy customization. The step-through style frame means you can wear what you want and still easily mount the bike while the women’s specific fit means you won’t have to reach too far to comfortable hold onto the bars. At the end of the day, the Breezer Liberty asks the question, why be built for performance or comfort when you can be built for both?