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Diamondback Trace Street Hybrid Bike – 2016

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Diamondback Trace Street Hybrid Bike – 2016. It would be great if you could ride the same bike around the neighborhood, take it on some gravel roads, or throw on a rear rack and get some groceries. However, in the age of bicycle specialization, most bikes are designed for one task and to perform it extremely well. The Diamondback Trace series breaks this mold and offers you riding venue and task flexibility. The Trace features the perfect blend of comfort and performance amenities to help you get the most out of every ride. In order to do so many things, the Trace was designed frame first. Geometry that’s too aggressive will sacrifice road visibility and comfort. If the geometry is too slack, the frame will lose handling and performance. The Trace features a dual-sport frame design, which is a happy medium. The top tube is slack enough to alleviate unwanted neck, shoulder, back and wrist stress for comfort, but aggressive enough to move your body’s center of gravity forward to easily handle the bike’s front end while gaining pedaling efficiency. A suspension-corrected steel fork takes the sting out of road unevenness or gravel thanks to steel’s natural vibration dampening properties. The Trace is outfitted with a 21-speed speed Shimano drivetrain. The presence of the Shimano brand, known for manufacturing high-quality performance components, means you can count on easy to use components and less maintenance. 21-speeds are more than enough to handle changing grade and terrain. A set of Tektro Aries disc brakes are at your fingertips for every quick stop. Disc brakes engage a rotor instead of the wheel’s rim for increased stopping power and increased wheel life. Finally, the Trace is about comfort. A dual-sport saddle provides plenty of give and a set of dual-density comfort grips add a tacky, soft feel to every ride. Kenda Bitumen tires are 45c wide, a massive footprint, to deliver stability and traction, no matter where your adventures take you.