Fox Float X Factory Shock 2017


Fox Float X Factory Shock 2017 The choice of 2015 EWS World Champions Richie Rude and Tracy Moseley The Float X features a new dampe…

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The Float X features a new dampening tune to improve bump absorptions and a reservoir design made specifically for more aggressive riders. The three on-the-fly settings (Open, Medium, Firm,) allow riders to adapt to a wider array of terrain. This state of the art design offers complete lockout without sacrificing bump compliance, ride control, or efficiency. As a Fox Factory series shock, this model features an additional 3 clicks of low-speed compression adjust while in the “Open” position. As an available option, Fox’s Extra Volume, or EVOL, air sleeve greatly increases negative air volume to produce a softer initial stroke, adding sensitivity and improving small bump compliance. The progressiveness of the spring curve can be tailored with air volume spacers, enabling the feel of the air-spring to be fine-tuned. Finishing off this gem of a shock, is Fox’s signature Kashima coat which ensures all the travel is silky smooth. Kashima coating is an anodizing process to fill in micro pores that may exist in the material, resulting in a smoother and harder surface in comparison to other anodization processes. Its distinctive gold color is backed by its high performance and extreme durability. Features Reservoir design made for aggressive riding. EVOL air sleeve improves responsiveness and sensitivity Genuine Kashima Coat improves durability and decreases friction. Rotary Remote allows for quicker and more frequent use. LV (Large Volume) the LV option offers similar positive air volume to the XV sleeves, but does this at a lighter weight and with better cooling. SPECIFICATIONS Damping Float X Float X Open mode adjust tuning range (1, 2, 3)ReboundAir spring pressure Remote actuated Open, Medium, Firm modesReboundAir spring pressure Coating Kashima Coat Kashima Coat Size Options 7.875×2.5 EVOL LV 7.5×2.0 EVOL LV7.875×2.25 EVOL LV7.875×2.0 EVOL LV8.5×2.0 EVOL LV 8.5×2.5 EVOL LV, Remote7.5×2.0 LV, Remote7.875×2.0 LV, Remote 8.75×2.5 EVOL LV, Remote7.875×2.25 EVOL LV, Remote