Ridley Fenix Disc Carbon Frameset – 2015


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Ridley Fenix Disc Carbon Frameset – 2015. Disc brakes are the next big thing in road bikes–offering improved all-weather and all-terrain braking power over traditional rim brakes. So it only makes sense that they would find their way to the Ridley Fenix, Ridley’s go-anywhere, do-it-all road bike. The Ridley Fenix Disc is the same frame as the ones the Lotto-Soudal pro riders use for races like Paris Roubaix, but has been updated to accept disc brakes, and wider 25-28mm tires. The Ridley Fenix Disc is a full carbon fiber frame is made with 24-ton high modulus unidirectional carbon fiber formed into Ridley’s distinctive diamond shape for rugged strength and durability. The taller headtube both alleviates stress on the lower back while riding and enhances frame stiffness by eliminating the need to use as many headset spacers. This endurance geometry dovetails nicely with Ridley’s fit philosophy–a philosophy that stipulates that rider comfort is the best way to enhance performance. By lengthening the headtube, the frame is stiffer, and the rider is in a more comfortable, natural position. This makes it possible to fine-tune the fit stem length and seatpost height, instead of trying to add spacers to adapt the frame to the rider. The rear triangle has also been altered to better handle the stresses associated with disc braking, and enlarged to handle wider clearance–it’ll handle any brand of 25mm tires, mounted on modern wider rims, without a problem, and can handle a few 28’s as well. The Fenix Disc frame also features internal cable routing, and for all the right reasons. Internal cable routing not only keeps the lines of the bike cleaner and makes the frame more aerodynamic, but it also cuts down on cable slap and fouling–essential when riding over rough terrain or in muddy, wet conditions. It helps keep the cables from wearing out prematurely, and keeps them cleaner for smoother, more precise shifting and braking in any weather conditions. Additionally, a PF30 bottom bracket and oversized, tapered headtube enhance frame stiffness. The PF30 bottom bracket allows the use of a crankset with a shorter, beefier spindle for less flex and improved power transmission. The bottom bracket shell is also burlier, which means that the frame is stiffer, so more watts go into forward movement, and less into frame flex. The tapered headtube enables the frame to be stiffer for improved handling and control on even the roughest terrain. The full carbon fiber fork features a medium rake that gives the bike the ability to dive into turns without feeling twitchy or unstable. The carbon fiber arms and steerer help absorb road vibrations and smooth out the ride. Disc tabs and a left-fork arm help distribute the forces generated with disc braking and improve handling.