Ritchey Pro Break-Away Road Bike Frame


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Ritchey Pro Break-Away Road Bike Frame. Take the legendary and inspiring ride quality of a hand-built Tom Ritchey bicycle and add a revolutionary coupling system that allows you to pack it and travel around the world with ease. The result? The ultimate full-size travel bike, the Ritchey Break-Away Road Frame. The Break-Away design uses a clever double-clamp at the seatpost and a patented compression coupling system at the downtube, adding only 100 grams to the frame’s total weight, yet it rides (and looks) like a standard frame. The frame quickly disassembles (cable Disconnects are included) and packs into a case that measures a scant 9x26x29 (23x66x73.5cm). Small enough to fly free on many airlines. The frame is made from custom-butted, high quality steel tubing, which substantially dampens road vibration while improving handling. The frame kit includes Frame, Pro Carbon Fork, Headset, Travel Case, Frame Padding, Cable Disconnects and 4Nm Torque Key.